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From Home Staging to Personal Shopping Services

We Are Dedicated to Providing You With Exactly What You Need to Make a House Your Home

Design Services

Decorating can be a chore at times, you never know what is going to look right where. Sometimes the paint is off or you are trying to place furniture in a place that it won't fit. We can help re-organize and utilize your space better by properly planning and designing your home.

Event Staging

From grand openings to tradeshows we can help you plan & design your event. Tradeshow booth design can give you that edge over your competition when you need it the most.

Grand openings are supposed to be just that GRAND. Make yours the standout day for your business or organization. 

Investor Home Staging

For the  investor who has recently renovated a house, but the property remains vacant making it hard for potential customers to envision how to make your house their home. 

This is also helpful in the case of empty apartments and rental properties. For rental or investment properties, time is money. The longer the property remains vacant the harder it is to sell or rent. 

Our mission is to turn your property around so that it may garner the type of profit earnings for your investment initially. 

Please contact us directly for an initial consultation. 

Personal Shopping Services

Sometimes people have ideas but they don't have the time or energy to execute these ideas for their home. This is where we come in. Provide us with a budget and we will use the suppliers that we have to give best value possible for our customers budget.

We will either charge hourly or based on a small fee percentage for the total items. Which ever is the best value for the client's money.

This is especially helpful if the person doesn't have any ideas but has the money to bring your design ideas to fruition.

Let us make your vision a reality! 

Rental Inventory Staging

Own rental properties? Staging can help show-off your inventory and get you the best rental price.

New Homeowner Move in, Staging to Live

Bought a new home and have no idea how to decorate it? We can help you design your home and have it move in ready for the big day.

Senior Downsizing

Having a professional designer makes the transition to a smaller home that much easier and stress-free. Why worry about trying to cram your possessions into a new home, let us take that stress away and make your transition as simple as we can.

We can design and stage for assisted living homes and communities as well as individual units, living areas and community areas. 

Staging Model/Vacant Homes

Model home staging showcases what your builder can do and sells the home for you. Location is always a factor in real estate but if the home doesn't look like a home a buyer wants to move into even the best location won't sell it for the price you want. Staging can make all the difference in getting the price you want and need.

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